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CO2 Plant

Our CO2 plants use very efficient process to recover the CO2 from its emission, and to supply better investment-rewarding CO2 recovery plant to customers. The purity of CO2 produced through this process can meet the set standard of GB/T6052-93 Industrial Liquid CO2 and GB10621-2006 Food Additive-Liquid CO2.

CO2 recovery plant features:

  • Far-ranging application: CO2 content in material gas can range from 10%~98%.
  • Low power consumption: compared with other CO2 refining process, unit power consumption of our plant can be reduced by 15%~50%.
  • High integration: most equipment is skid-mounted and thus installation cost, time and land coverage is saved.
  • Advanced process: with cryogenic air separation technology adopted, CO2 cryogenic distillation structure is optimized.
  • Auto control: the plant is centralized controlled by PLC and computer, which enables the high degree automatization and easy operation.