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High Purity Oxygen Plant

High Oxygen Application

With the development of industrial technology and improvement of product quality, high purity oxygen is widely used in many fields such as silicon wafer preparation, production of iron oxide plate, glass passivation treatment, optical fiber and electro vacuum components. So high purity oxygen plant is recommended to be considered when investment in air separation plant is planned, besides, economic reward of high Purity oxygen is really considerable.

High purity oxygen purified from industrial oxygen

This process uses patented process and Know-how technology to purify industrial oxygen to produce high purity oxygen. It is characterized by the following:

  • Advantages: High purity oxygen column and fractionation column are assembled in a single cold box, so investment cost and land coverage is less, operation of the plant is easier and unit power consumption is lower..
  • Disadvantages: The output of high purity oxygen is limited due to the process.

High purity oxygen from hydrogen-free rectification argon system

In hydrogen-free rectification argon plant, certain amount of fraction is drawn out of argon system and high purity oxygen is got through further rectification. This is a common process to produce high purity oxygen, which features the following:

  • Large production: ~200Nm3/h is the normal output and can be increased as per customers' requirement.
  • Advanced process: XLA's patent process is adopted in the production of high purity liquid oxygen through purification of industrial oxygen.
  • Skid-mounted structure: Through innovative design, high purity oxygen system can be mounted into 2 skids: purifying system skid and cryogenic rectification column, both of which can be assembled before delivery. By such structure, installation time at site is reduced and operation is facilitated.
  • Auto control: The plant is centralized controlled by PLC.
  • Flexible configuration: Easily accessible from modification on existing air separation plant or liquefier plant.