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Storage Tanks

Seva Gases Private Limited offers you a wide range of storage tanks in various capacities & various pressure rating suited for Liquid Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, CO2, Methane, etc. in bulk quantities.

Distribution of Gases (Storage Tanks & Cryogenic Transport Tanks)

Distribution and channelization of the product to the customer place plays a vital role in reaching the product on time, every time. Seva Gases Private Limited has various modes of distribution to deliver the product to the end-customers and some of the modes are listed below

  • In bulk liquid form through our/customer transport tankers
  • In gas form compressed in our/customer cylinders
  • In liquid cylinders of capacity ranging from 100 litres to 990 litres
  • In storage tanks of customers of any capacity
  • Through gas filling stations at various locations

Special Gases

Seva Gases Private Limited specialises in delivering special gases based on clients' requirements.

Nitrous oxide

Application Industries:
Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Pure helium

Application Industries:
Balloons, Airships, Fibre-optics & Semi-conductors and Space Industry


Hydrogen Bromide
Hydrogen Chloride
Hydrogen Fluoride
Hydrogen Iodide
Hydrogen Sulfide
Application Industries:
Petroleum Recovery and Refining, Fuel Cells, Food, Chemical Processing,Metal Production and Fabrication, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Electronics and Power Generation

Carbon dioxide

Application Industries:
Fire extinguishers, Laser, Oil wells, Chemical industry, Metal industry,
Fumigation and Beverages

Other Special Gases

  • Air
  • Ammonia
  • Boron Trichloride
  • Boron Trifluoride
  • 1,3-Butadiene
  • n-Butane
  • 1-Butene
  • 2-Butene
  • cis-2-Butene
  • trans-2-Butene
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Chlorine
  • Deuterium
  • Dimethyl Ether
  • Ethane
  • Ethylene
  • Halocarbon C318 (Octafluorocyclobutane)
  • Hexafluoropropylene
  • Isobutane
  • Isobutylene
  • Krypton
  • Methane
  • Methyl Chloride
  • Methyl Fluoride
  • Monomethylamine
  • Neon
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Propane
  • Propylene
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Sulfur Hexafluoride
  • Sulfur Tetrafluoride
  • Trimethylamine
  • Xenon