Dear Sirs,

Thanks very much for your kind trust and interests in us. To enable us to submit our proposal of liquid plant more accurate and more suitable to your request, we kindly request you to furnish following information:

Personal Details:

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I. Plant specification requirement:

1.1        How much liquid oxygen required? What purity required?
Reply:(L/h) LOX;  Purity ≥%O2;

1.2        How much liquid nitrogen required? What purity required?
Reply:  (L/h) LIN;  Purity ≤PPmO2;

1.3        How much liquid argon required? What purity required?
Reply: (L/h) LAr;  Purity ≤PPmO2, ≤PPmO2;
(Note: Argon are available only when total oxygen capacity (GOX+LOX) is larger than 1500Nm3/h)

1.4     Whether any other gaseous product required? If yes, kindly specify your requirement on capacity, purity, pressure and etc. in details.

II. Local site conditions:

2.1 What temperature the air separation plant shall be designed based on?
(As suggested by us, this design temperature shall be the average temperature at hottest month all the year round.)
Reply: deg C.

2.2     What is the temperature span at jobsite all the year round?
Reply: Min  deg C;  Max  deg C.

2.3     What is the average humidity at jobsite?

2.4     What is the elevation from the seal level of the jobsite?
Reply:  meters above sea level;

2.5     At what temperature is the cooling water available?
Reply:  deg C;

2.6     Please specify the power supply available at jobsite. 
Reply: HT power:KV, 3 phases;
LT power: V, 3 phases;
Frequency: Hz. 

2.7     Whether any special operating condition existing at jobsite (like air pollution, water pollution, heavy wind, heavy rain, earthquake and etc)? If yes, please specify in details: 

III. Plant configuration requirement:

3.1 Whether all equipment of air separation plant from intake air filter to fractionation column are required? If not, please specify what equipment not required.
Reply: .

3.2     Whether storage tanks are required? If yes, please specify your requirement on capacity, pressure and other details.
Reply: .

3.3     Whether other equipment for product delivery is required (like road tanker, liquid pump, vaporizer, cylinder filling manifold and etc)? If yes, please specify your requirement in details.


Any further requirement or condition, which may help us to make the proposal more suitable, please specify here:

We look forward to your reply on above topics soon. If any clarification required, please feel free to contact us. Complete technical proposal and commercial quotation will be submitted soon after above information.