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Seva Gases

Seva Gases Private Limited is one of the leading energy companies in India involved in the manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting of industrial and medical gases to leading corporations and institutions across the globe. The company manufactures and supplies industrial, medical, mixture, specialities, instrumentation & laboratory gases. It also undertakes erection of storage tanks at customer places, pipelines etc. Seva Gases Private Limited is involved in delivering air separation plants (Tonnage Liquid Plants capacity from 50 to 500 tons per day and Tonnage Gas Plants capacity upto 1000 tons per day).

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  • Installed two 100 cu.m. / hr gas plants to produce Oxygen/Nitrogen at Coimbatore
  • Installed several numbers of liquid compressing stations for industrial gases
  • Import and export of liquid argon in India and across the globe
  • Erecting and commissioning of liquid tonnage plants in Middle East and India
  • Entered into contract with Suzhou Xinglu, China for marketing of their ASU (liquid and gas) plants in India.
  • Erected, commissioned and successfully running dissolved acetylene plants

State-of-the-art Air Separation Plant

Seva Gases Private Limited established and commissioned 100 tons per day Air Separation Plant near BHEL, Trichy – a first-of-its-kind in merchant market segment in Tamilnadu. The place was selected so it is logistically and centrally located to cover the Southern India.

It has established a huge storage facility at the factory premises for its products to service hospitals/industries, continuously through sufficient quantity of cylinders, storage tanks, transport tankers etc. The plant has its own inbuilt instrument and analytical control system to ensure proper quality and quantity of material supplied to customers.

Seva Gases Private Limited is set out to expand its capacity by another 150 tons, in a years’ time, to bring the total capacity to 250 tons per day.


  • Erection, commissioning & maintenance of Air Separation Units on turn-key basis.
  • Installation of storage tanks and erection of pipelines at customer places.
  • Supply of Cold Convertors with evaporator coils.
  • Vacuum testing & servicing of Cryogenic vessels.
  • Gas Cylinder Testing & Servicing.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Test Station.
  • Hydrostatic Stretch Test for Cylinders.
  • Cylinder Cascade.
  • Offshore Purging.
  • Gas Analysis Services - Evaluation of gas usage and needs to determine the most efficient and cost-effective supply mode.