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Liquid Plant

Technical Parameter for Portion of Liquid Plants

160TPD Liquid Plant

135TPD Liquid Plant

120TPD Liquid Plant

108TPD Liquid Plant

53TPD Liquid Plant

Liquid Plant -350Y-400Y

One unit of standard centrifugal compressor is integrally used for both air compressor and recycler; PLC control system is adopted in its instrumentation control system;

For the sake of better maintenance & management, we designed the long-distance supervision system for the customer and of which through Internet to connect operation data of air separation plant at user's side with long-distance supervision system at side of Seva Gases, which can track down the operation condition of the whole plant to maintain and manage the plant running normally together with the user.

Liquid Plant -1100Y-35Y

  • Characteristics of Liquid air separation plant 1100Y/35Y (liquid capacity 40T/d):
    This liquid air separation plant of complete hydrogen-free argon rectification is designed and manufactured on mid pressure process with the least liquid output.

  • Due to little liquid output and difficult selection of compressor of this plant, piston compressor is adopted for both air compressor and mid pressure recycler.

  • Due to height of fractionation column for complete hydrogen-free argon rectification less than 35 meters, delivery to jobsite for assembly after completion of installation at manufacturer’s factory of which compared with that separate delivery and jobsite installation, it enjoys advantages of shorter installation period, lower installation cost, and higher installation quality and which is a very popular supply mode to customers.

Air Separation Plant -3688Y+100/6000+1038Y/120Y

This plant is invested and constructed by Yichang Lan Tian Gas Co., Ltd, which is built to supply gaseous nitrogen to Yichang Three Gorges TongTu Plating Co., Ltd through its gas pipelines. It is adopted with patent technology of XLA to produce 6000m3/h pressured and high purity nitrogen and of which is directly delivered to jobsite for usage through pipelines while can produce gross output of LOX, LIN, and LAr 130T/d in total for market sales.

Liquid Plant -3380Y/7560Y/115Y

Characteristics of Liquid Air Separation Plant -3380Y/7560Y/115Y (Gross liquid output 260T/d):

  • ChaThe air compressors are adopted with 4 units of imported well-reputed low pressure compressors (Model of recycler and air compressor are same). The plant is simple to operate and easy to maintenance. It is adopted with nitrogen & water precooling process, cryogenic precooling process, and multistage refrigeration process with double stage expansion and of which specific power consumption is lower than before.

  • Product LOX, product LIN, and product LAr delivered out of cold box after subcooler.

  • Short startup time: LOX and LIN product of this liquid plant with our patent process can reach its design requirements only 6~8 hours after its startup.

  • Adopted with nitrogen & water precooling system: this precooling system fully utilize the refrigeration potential of air separation to reduce the operation cost and maintenance cost and of which is better for the operation of the device while its operation is reliable and safe.

  • Output adjustable: Realize the adjustment for liquid output through startup and shut down of the plant to meet the market demands.

Liquid Plant -1560Y+1250/740Y/75Y

This is the second set of complete hydrogen-free argon rectification liquid air separation plant we have supplied to our client

Liquid Plant -500+625Y/1000+46Y

  • LOX output: 900 m3 /h (it shall be converted into standardized output, and hereinafter shall be calculated in same way) and;

  • Internal compression GOX: Output 500m3/h Pressure 30barg and;

  • High purity GAN: Output 1000m3/h Pressure 8barg and;

  • 18T/d output of LOX and LIN.


  • National Oxygen Pondicherry.
  • Kolhapur Oxy-Acetylene Pvt Ltd, Kolhapur
  • Universal Gases Bangalore.
  • Shreeram Oxy-Gas Pvt Ltd.
  • SJK Steel.
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